About the artist Jeffrey McAlister…

“This work represents a departure for me. It also finds me coming home. Young men in America – young people actually – cut their teeth on sexual images.

A huge part of our adolescent lives are spent trying to digest what we see and figure out how it works on us, on our nervous systems and in our hormonally challenged hearts. As I embarked in these projects, I was facing the truth; I no longer care to play it safe. I don’t care whether or not these pictures fall into acceptable categories. I believe these photographs are artistic. I don’t really care if anyone disagrees. I loved making these images. The pleasure was all mine. There will always be those who quibble. The’ll say, ‘Oh well, he gave up nice landscapes to make THOSE pictures.’ I am sure of this: the expression of lust has fueled millenia of passion, of commerce, inspiration, power, and progress, and it has worked deep in the hearts of many many artists.

I belive in the power of lust.”

– Jeffrey McAlister